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UMBRA: Stations

UMBRA: Stations

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The first expansion for UMBRA, finally available in print!

This 26 page zine features:

* New Station Building Mechanics - take a derelict station and revamp it with new station specific rooms. Conduct your research in the relative safety of space or appease Guests and earn some ♦

* Boarding Mechanics - control a tight knit group of units as you board alien spaceships in a party-based tactical exploration. Utilise disguises, hiding spaces, hack enemy security systems, loot rooms, and steal spaceships to expand your station.

* New Rooms - From bars and casinos to biohackers, escape pods, and museums, expand your colony and your station in new and interesting ways.

* Stores - Entice alien merchants to set up shop and benefit from their strange and wonderful goods. From scanners to skeletons, libraries to less legitimate businesses.

Stations requires the base game UMBRA in order to play.

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