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DELVE: Biomes

DELVE: Biomes

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The world opens up beneath us Overseer. A wealth of new Biomes to explore, Rooms to Build, and Units to Hire as we continue our search for the fabled Void Crystal. But be warned, with new opportunity comes new danger and there are rumours among the loremasters and miners about terrible things lurking in the shadows.

This expansion to the solo map drawing game DELVE is all about Biomes which are unique areas with their own Natural Formation (♣) and Remnant (♠) tables, Artefacts, Enemies, Achievements and even Biome specific gameplay mechanics.

There are 14 Biomes in this Expansion, each of which can randomly be found by Drawing an Ace of Clubs or Spades while Exploring. From the simple Ant Colony to the fabled Hall of the Gods, any Overseer willing to brave these Biomes will find great reward and terrible risk.

This expansion is 89 pages long and perfect bound unlike the other staple bound zines in the map drawing games line.

This expansion requires DELVE in order to play.

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