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Apothecaria Cursed Coast

Apothecaria Cursed Coast

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Heed now the siren song of The Cursed Coast, dear witch for it is a place that is in dire need of your services. 

This once beautiful place has become a dark and quiet shadow of itself thanks to the Three Curses placed upon it. It is up to you to break these foul magicks and return the coast to its once legendary heights.

The Three Curses are thus:

• The Curse Of Wrath and Wreck and Ruin

• The Curse Of Shadows Deep and Horrors True

• The Curse Of Miseries Each and All

This self-contained expansion transports your witch to the far off Paradise Pier and drops them right back down to Novice. With none of your Tools, Upgrades, or even your Cottage to help you, you will have to earn the trust of the cursed townspeople and save them and yourself from a terrible fate.

With 4 new Foraging Locales, a new Town, tonnes of new Ailments, Reagents, Tools, and Familiars and a boatload of new and interesting nautical mechanics that I couldn't help but include, this expansion promises a dizzying depth of gameplay and story opportunities.

This Expansion is self-contained but still requires the base game in order to play.

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