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Apothecaria Soundtrack

Apothecaria Soundtrack

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Soundtrack also included in Apothecaria Zip File. This option is intended for those who have picked up Apothecaria physically from a third party retailer or who wish to show extra support.

Pick up the full Apothecaria soundtrack by the award winning Tabletop Audio with Ambience Only, Music Only, and Full Versions tracks for each Locale in the solo journaling RPG Apothecaria.

Track List:

  1. High Rannoc Village
  2. Glimmerwood Grove
  3. Blastfire Bog
  4. Meltwater Loch
  5. Dreamwater Depths
  6. Moonbreaker Mountain
  7. The Cloud Isles
  8. Hero's Hollow
  9. The Strange

Total Tracks: 27

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