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Apothecaria: Shimmersnow Valley Expansion

Apothecaria: Shimmersnow Valley Expansion

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Nestled in the highlands to the North of High Rannoc is a valley that never thaws. In years gone by, visitors would trek up the mountains to ski on Shimmersnow’s famous slopes, to visit and trade with the yetis that call the valley home, or to call upon the help of the witch Isolda.

But a couple of years ago the valley changed. Isolda disappeared just as a terrible Ice Queen took over Shimmersnow. Minions known as Glacites, living embodiments of snow and dark magic, wreaked havoc in the valley. All of the mountain passes were closed off by avalanches and the yetis fled their village to hide in their ancestral caves.

Shimmersnow was no more.

Until, that is, just a few months ago when news started to spread that a group of mountaineers were able to clear one of the mountain passes, opening up the valley to all those willing to brave the cold.
Just in time as well as those new reagents will help with the various ailments that have made their way down from the valley.

This wintery expansion introduces:

  • 3 New Locales
  • A New Village
  • 28 New Ailments
  • 17 New Reagents
  • New Tools, Familiars, and a New Festival!
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