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Apothecaria: Maker's Market Expansion

Apothecaria: Maker's Market Expansion

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There comes a time in every witch’s life when they want to do something, anything other than make potions and while there’s plenty of exciting things to do around these parts, sometimes we just want to make something.

Welcome to the Maker's Market expansion, a Downtime centric expansion for  Apothecaria that introduces a variety of new crafts for your witch to undertake. From Blacksmithing and Woodworking to Painting and Sculpting, you will be able to utilise 80+ new Materials spread across Metals, Woods, Stones, Jewels, Pigments, and general Materials to create magical items that fulfill the weird or wonderful Ideas you come up with or to complete Commissions for a little extra Silver.

On top of this there are dozens of new Tools and special Masterpieces that can be completed to obtain very special rewards such as an Animal Golem or a Soul Bound Wand.

But that's not all as this expansion also introduces The Artificer, an enterprising creator who sees your new hobby as a challenge and whose automatons make Foraging a nightmare with their industrious harvesting. You will have to complete more Commissions than them before the end of the year in order to prove that their short sighted system is not wanted here!

... Or you could sneak into their workshop and defeat them with the help of a damaged automaton that you can restore and give true life to.

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