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The first expansion to Apothecaria, Tinker's Troubles introduces a new locale known as The Workshop, an ancient mechanical fortress inhabited by mysterious machines and hobbyist artisans.


This small Patreon funded expansion includes:

  • 16 new Ailments
  • 14 new Reagents
  • A new Locale


And the new Projects mechanic which allows you to spend your Downtime making all sorts of hobbycrafts like furniture, mechanical doodads, and even magical items. Be careful though, the God of Crafts has been known to lurk around The Workshop and they are known to challenge those that cross their path.


This expansion was made possible by the lovely folks over at and was made available to them in June. If you want early access to other expansions and games, head on over and back at the Hero tier to get access to every expansion for every game!

Tinker's Troubles - Apothecaria