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Apothecaria Kickstarter

I launched my second Zinequest project today. The wonderful cosy fantasy solo journalling RPG Apothecaria. And the response has been amazing. Fully funded in about 70 minutes, double in a few hours.

So lets talk about it :)

Apothecaria is a solo journalling RPG where you play as a witch making potions for the villagers, adventurers, and monsters that come seeking your help. Its cosy fantasy and draws inspiration from Theme Hospital in terms of funny ailments, Stardew Valley, and Ghibli films as well as including some Scottish mythology.

Thanks to the stretch goals we've hit, each physical copy will be packaged with:

  1. 2 art prints/ postcards

  2. A potion sticker

  3. An A5 papercraft crystal for you to cut out and assemble

  4. Familiar Tales postcard game - See what your Familiar gets up to when you aren't around

  5. Wandcraft postcard game - Make and sell specialised wands

Introduction Postcard

Moonstone Papercraft

So if that excites you -- and honestly, why wouldn't it? -- you can find the campaign here:

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