Trust Me I'm A... Review

Trust Me I'm A... Review

Kickstarter promotional image for Trust Me I'm A Doctor and Trust Me I'm A Superhero showing both games and their four expansions lined up on a wooden bench.

Last year I got to review an amazingly fun little party game called Trust Me I'm A Doctor by Half Monster Games. This quirky party game sold itself on the premise that all of the cures and ailments involved were lifted from real medical textbooks, pharmacy adverts, and other such historic sources. The goal of the game is for a player to present their ailment to the table who would all try and match up their proposed cures to the symbols on the ailment card; barber surgery, alchemical salves, or mysticism. 

The results were gruesome and hilarious as players put on over the top accents and accused each other of charlantry, lies, and just plain buffoonery before going on to suggest that the best cure for toothache was to drink a tincture of mercury and accept death. In fact, it's such a fun game that we continue to bust it out at game nights with friends and family even a year on from reviewing it which is a lot more than I can say for some games that have crossed my desk.

Trust Me I'm A Doctor nautical cures including the classic hook hand, bilgewater drink, and of course Kraken's bite

Now, of course, the game's charm relies on players acting up and arguing a bit, which can be a bit too confrontational for some and can even be too much for us sometimes which is why the sequel Trust Me I'm A Superhero, does away with the arguing and focuses more on the heroic act of self-promotion.

In this spandex clad re-imagining, the patient has been replaced with the citizen who places their cry for help card face down rather than presenting it immediately. Each hero then chooses two cards from their hand to create their hero's power without knowing what cry for help they're responding to. Then the citizen reveals their cry for help and the heroes take it in turn to reveal their power and say why they'd be the best hero for the job which is utterly hilarious with combinations like Infinite Wolves helping a citizen who feels lonely or our favourite new MCU hero, Sudden Gun.

This one, if possible, had us bursting our sides even more and we played through the entire deck of cards in one sitting because we didn't want to stop.

Trust Me I'm A Superhero NSFW expansion with sexy themed cards that are blacked out for SFW viewing.

But why am I telling you all this? Because Half Monster Games have a new Trust Me I'm A Collection up on Kickstarter that can net you both games and all of the expansions which introduce witchcraft and nautical cures and ailments, NSFW heroic powers, and powers that are a bit more silly than even the base game's offerings.

You can find the Kickstarter campaign here: and see the dozens of other reviews folks have made about these great games.

And trust me, you'll want to grab the full set for maximum fun.

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