Shipping Delays & Patience

Hi everyone,

About two and a half weeks ago my dad was taken into hospital with fluid in the lungs, nearly 2 litres. During the scan they found what they suspect is lung cancer and while I thought I had a good and healthy relationship with death, it turns out that facing the potential loss of the only family member I still speak to is harder than I expected.

Things have gotten a little better recently and I've managed to realise that he's not going anywhere soon but my head is still all over the place so I'm asking that you please be patient with me as orders may take a bit longer to get out the door while I deal with this.

I will be doing "Post Days" once a week, usually a Friday and I use Standard shipping which means I don't get tracking numbers but Shopify doesn't like that and will not let me change the "2-3 day processing time" or "find your tracking number" sections.

Thank you all for your patience, support, and patronage. I hope you enjoy my games and hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.



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