Setting Sail To Greener Pastures!

Setting Sail To Greener Pastures!

As some of you might be aware, Wix lacked a lot of the functionality that I wanted in an e-commerce platform. Free digital downloads with print copies being the biggest reason for the change.

With the new site, you're now able to get PDF copies with all of my print products and I can even include things like character sheets and maps in Apawthecaria! Hooray!

As with anything to do with software, there's bound to be some teething issues so if you notice anything that seems wrong, please let me know via or more preferably, via the Blackwell Games Discord.

One of the big issues I've been unable to sort so far is importing contacts from the old site, so if you'd like to subscribe to the Blackwell Games Newsletter again, you can do so at the bottom of any page. Sorry for the issues!

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